Covenant Membership

​​Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones, who was Pastor of Westminster Chapel in London from 1939-1968, once said regarding the condition of the Church at the time “It is our failure as evangelical people to take the biblical teaching concerning the nature of the church seriously that accounts for most of the problems that we are confronting at the present time... If we have a real deep concern about the evangelical message and its vital importance in the world, then we are compelled to consider the biblical teaching on the nature of the church.” Dr. Jones’ words ring true in this very hour because in order for a church to function correctly, it must first be founded upon and grounded in the Biblical teaching that is the Doctrine of the Church. ​​

At CFC we believe that Covenant Membership is at the root of Biblical teaching on the Doctrine of the Church. We define Church Membership as "an organized and formalized commitment to one another of believers in a church covenant within a local church.” And covenant membership involves an all members’ commitment to be subject to one another for the sake of the integrity and spiritual growth of the Church. It is both a solemn and joyful matter—a deep agreement between regenerated believers that welcomes discipline for the sake of the greater good of sanctification.

Here is a quick illustration for practical purposes to show the importance of Covenant Membership: Pastor Peter Kemeny of Good News Presbyterian in Maryland one wrote “Church membership is important because unbelievers need to know who are and who are not church members. I want everyone to attend our church; Christians, non-Christians, adulterers, thieves, even people who like cats! And if someone is not a Christian, we are not going to press him to live like a Christian; we are going to love him without condition and present to him the claims of Christ. But once a person becomes a Christian he should join a church. Now if we have all kinds of people attending our church, including some who may be involved in scandalous sin, how do we protect the testimony of our church when outsiders say, "Slick Louie, that crooked businessman, goes to Good News Presbyterian Church." If we have church membership, our response is, "Louie attends our church, but he's not a member. We're just glad he's coming and inquiring about Christ." If someone who is a member gets involved in scandalous sin and is unrepentant, our response would be, ‘We are presently confronting him about his sin. If he does not repent, the day will likely come when he will be put out of the church.’" 

Covenant Membership, along with the correct practice of Church Discipline, helps to protect the church, the church's witness, and the Gospel itself. Therefore, we have a high view as to the importance of Church Membership and believe it to be a command given in the scriptures as to the natural ordering of a church's structure.  Please check out the links below to see our Membership Process, Membership Covenant, and other important documents such as our full Constitution & Bylaws. 
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