Our Story​

Christ Family Church Oakwood was founded in July of 2016. We are a church plant from Christ Family Church Dahlonega. For a number of years  a small group of members from CFC Dahlonega, including one of the five Elders, were living in the South Hall, Flowery Branch/Oakwood area. The Elders at CFC Dahlonega began to see the need for a Reformed Southern Baptist Church in that area and began to pray and seek the Lord's guidance in regards to the desire to possibly plant a new church.   
Within a few years another one of the five Elders from CFC Dahlonega moved to the Flowery Branch area and the conversation to plant a new church continued. After much prayerful consideration  and what seemed to be the work of God's providence through circumstances, a location/space was offered to us to begin meeting as a new congregation. The two Elders who lived in the area, Stan Luttrell and Daryl Allison were excited at the opportunity of serving and being more involved in their community and therefore both volunteered to be a part of the church plant. 
With two Elders in place to begin the new church plant, the call to be the third Elder and to be the primary preaching and teaching pastor was extended to Jon Hoffman. Jon was a member of CFC Dahlonega at the time and was living in Dahlonega, he accepted the call and he and his wife moved to Flowery Branch in order to be a part of the new church.  With the plans in place and announced, a total of over 20 members of CFC Dahlonega decided to join in the journey. Ready to put the plan in to motion, on July  3rd of 2016, CFC Dahlonega, in a bittersweet sendoff ceremony,  prayerfully said their goodbyes to the 20+ members that were leaving them.  On Sunday July 10th  2016, Christ Family Church Oakwood gathered  for the first time to worship God in our first Sunday worship service.

CFC Oakwood is not a "satellite" or a "sister" church of CFC Dahlonega, rather, CFC Oakwood is a new and fully autonomous church  led by the Elders in a congregationalism polity model. We are, however, in continued close relationship with CFC Dahlonega and are in ministry partnership together to better serve our members, our community, and our Lord Jesus Christ.